Benefits of In-Office Zoom® Teeth Whitening

The American Dental Association knows how important healthy-looking teeth are. White teeth seemingly project health and enhance your appearance. That is why many people purchase teeth whitening products. Whitening toothpaste and strips cannot give the teeth whitening results you want, but in-office Zoom® teeth whitening can. If you want to learn about the benefits of this teeth whitening treatment, here’s what you should know.


Gives Impressive Results


Zoom teeth whitening from your dentist gives you quick and stunning results. It will leave your teeth eight shades lighter after about an hour. You can always come back and repeat the treatment if you want your teeth to be brighter. Many patients opt for three or four shades whiter. Yet, some want significant whitening.


Before the Zoom whitening treatment starts, your dentist will need to check your degree of teeth whitening. Mild tooth discoloration needs a coating of tooth whitening varnish on the surface of teeth. Then, the dentist will apply a sealant. Your dentist will wipe away the whitening varnish. This will reveal whiter, stain-free teeth.


Severe tooth discoloration needs a longer appointment. Your dentist will need to divide your dental appointment into three 15-minute sessions. Each session will start with an application of teeth whitening gel on your teeth. Then, your dentist will expose your teeth to an activator light. This will speed up the whitening or bleaching process.


The activator light will break down the hydrogen peroxide in the gel. This compound will lift dental stains and brighten your teeth. Since the appointment will take time, you can bring your mobile gadgets or your favorite book. Your dentist will give you some medications to relieve the tooth sensitivity when you go home.


Provides a Home Teeth Whitening Option


Some patients are vulnerable to tooth discoloration. In cases like this, the dentist will recommend home teeth whitening treatment. The dentist will need to create custom-fit dental trays. These trays will contain teeth whitening gel. You can use these trays whenever you have free time.


Safe for Sensitive Teeth


Patients who suffer from tooth sensitivity can have Zoom teeth whitening. The formulation of this treatment does not irritate your gums and teeth. Having good pain tolerance can help you go through the treatment without the slightest discomfort. Patients with low pain tolerance can choose to stop the treatment at any time. Your dentist can perform the procedure at your convenient and comfortable pace.


Enhances Your Oral and Overall Health


Zoom teeth whitening can improve your health. After your teeth whitening treatment, you must follow some important measures to help maintain the whiteness of your teeth. You must avoid smoking to prevent the formation of tobacco stains. Avoiding staining food and beverages is also a rule to prevent re-staining your teeth. These practices can enhance your oral and general health.

You can achieve health on all levels with Zoom teeth whitening. At River Valley Dental, we always aim to ensure the safety and comfort of our patients during their dental procedures and treatments. Feel free to visit our clinic in Tremonton, Utah, for an in-person appointment. Please call us at 435-257-7344 if you want to schedule a consultation or ask questions about our Zoom teeth whitening packages.

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