What Does a Dental Exam for Kids Include?

Dental exams for kids help safeguard their oral health. A pediatric dentist can diagnose dental health issues early on. Getting an early diagnosis will mean less invasive procedures and more effective treatment. 

Scheduling a dental exam to visit River Valley Dental will enable you to get advice on caring for your child’s teeth and oral health. Getting your child acquainted with dental care at an early age is helpful. It is vital to find out what a dental exam for kids includes.


Comprehensive Dental Evaluation 

You can do some things to safeguard your child’s dental health. Daily brushing and flossing will go a long way, but you also need to prioritize regular dental exams. Comprehensive dental evaluation and professional cleaning should begin at an early age. 

As soon as your child’s first tooth comes in, you need to have a pediatric dentist you can consult. A pediatric dentist will diagnose and treat any oral issues your child may have. 


Inspecting the Teeth and Gums

A pediatric dentist will inspect your child’s teeth and gums during the visit. They will detect any signs of decay or gum disease. Also, you can talk to them about any concerns or changes you may have noticed. 

An X-ray can allow the dentist to examine the entire tooth, including the root. Some changes occur as the child grows, and the dentist will ensure the teeth develop correctly. 


Cleaning the Child’s Teeth

During the dental exam, the pediatric dentist will clean the teeth and remove any plaque and tartar. Plaque can lead to tooth decay and gum problems. It can be hard to get the desired results through daily oral hygiene habits. 

The dentist will have the tools to get rid of the sticky film and the tartar effectively. You can also discuss your child’s oral hygiene, and the dentist can show the child how to clean his teeth correctly. 


Getting Fluoride Treatments


During the dental appointment, your child can get fluoride treatments. Fluoride is absorbed into the enamel, making the teeth stronger. Strong teeth are more resistant to cavities and decay. Fluoride treatments can help reverse the effects of decay in the early stages. 

The treatments are quick and easy, and they involve painting fluoride on the teeth. The fluoride used has a higher concentration than that in all kinds of toothpaste. 


Dental Sealant Application

During your child’s dental exam, you can talk to the dentist about dental sealants. Sealants can help avert tooth decay. Doctors apply them on the teeth’ bite surface to provide additional protection. 

The seals help fill and smooth the grooves and crevices. This makes it harder for germs and plaque to accumulate and cause cavities. The dentist may prescribe dental sealants if they determine that your child needs them. The entire process takes a few minutes to complete. 

How often your child will require dental exams will depend on the individual case. Biannual exams are ideal, but the pediatric dentist will recommend the best schedule for your child. 

To learn more about what a dental exam for kids includes, visit River Valley Dental in Tremonton, Utah. Call 435.257.7344 to schedule an appointment. 

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